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Well that was fake...

2008-04-01 22:53:23 by mako-mage

So I watched the mayweather big show fight on sunday at my friends house. im not a wrestling fan i know its fake but this was actually pretty entertaining! My friend owes me $10 becyase mayweather won and um look at this picture i took while i was watcing a recap on youtube. there is a guy holding up a sign saying "Im Gay!". WTF! anyway I just finished my new flash ive spent tons of time on this one i hope you guys like it. APRIL FOOLS!! i'm not working on a new flash but I will soon. but the im gay sign thats no joke i didn't edit that with my mad skills.

Well that was fake...


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2008-04-01 23:54:30

That's just beautiful man.

mako-mage responds:

why thank you :)