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2008-03-12 00:02:02 by mako-mage

Not that im really dissapointing anyone. You know with my hUgE fan base. But im delaying my cartoon. But super Smash Bros Brawl and Dofus (great online game) are just so damn addicting.

And one more thing im not a big fan of wrestling I don't see what's so appealing about seeing half nude men in tights playing with each other (least with boxing your just punching each other or biting ears). Anyway but i do want to see this big show vs floyd mayweather jr fight as i am a fan of boxing. Of course if i've learned anything from Rocky III the Boxer wins. But damn big show broke his elbow today. (or did he?) *cough* fake *cough*
Peace out!
- Mako-mage



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